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Patient Administration Support

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We are currently accepting qualified applications for a Patient Administration Support to support one of our Government clients in beautiful Falls Church, VA.


  • Assist in conducting national/regional meeting(s)/conferences/training on patient administration for MTFs, Air Staff and MAJCOM staffs to share best practices; review current and pending Department of Defense (DoD) and AF/SG guidance.
  • Review and discuss current and future patient administration practices; review information management systems and tools; gather concerns for follow-on problem resolution.
  • Prepare and present patient administration briefings, training, and materials at meetings as requested by the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR).
  • Provide relevant presentations and materials for customer access and posting to appropriate websites.
  • Post, update, and maintain current policies, relevant documents, and other materials on functional websites (e.g. Air Force Medical Service Knowledge Exchange).
  • Provide staff assistance and focused MTF on-site training and respond to field inquiries for assistance as needed.
  • Provide Patient Administration consultation in supporting the AF/SG staff in developing, deploying and monitoring DoD and AF/SG policies and programs to optimize patient administration.
  • When required, the Contractor shall provide assistance to the AF/SG’s office with respect to issues relating to DoD, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs), Defense Health Agency (DHA), Program Executive Office Programs, Joint Staff, U.S. Army Medical Department, U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, AF MAJCOMs, Air Force Inspection Agency, and Air Staff counterparts on patient administration and medical records management functions and issues.
  • Serve as a functional advisor to the AF Chief of Patient Administration on patient administration functions such as but not limited to medical records management, medical evaluation boards, information systems and initiatives.
  • The contractor shall not interpret DoD guidance or any policy but assist the COR with implementing Air Staff Patient Administration policy and administrative support.
  • The contractor shall evaluate programs developed by DoD, DHA, other Services, other AF organizations, TRICARE Managed Care Support Contractors, and other Contractors performing a role in patient administration functions such as training, planning, manpower requirements, information systems, and medical evaluation board and medical records management technologies.
  • Evaluate and provide recommendations on the impact of changes in legislation, DHA policy, contract requirements, missions, information systems requirements, medical capability restructuring, and transformation as they relate to AF/SG program goals and initiatives.
  • Monitor MTF/MAJCOM/Air Force Medical Operations Agency (AFMOA) capabilities utilizing available data such as Health Artifact and Image Management Solution (HAIMS), AHLTA (military electronic health records system), standard Patient Administration reports, Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS), Transcom Regulating and Command and Control Evacuation System (TRACE2S), Veterans Tracking Application (VTA) to identify trends and develop operational changes to maximize mission accomplishment.
  • The contractor shall assist the Government with staff assistance visits as required to help determine the effectiveness of unit level patient administration operational and training programs, and provide clear and informative assistance led and determined by the Government.
  • The Contractor shall submit trip reports to the Government no later than five (5) business days after travel.
  • Provide short suspense analyses, briefings, information papers, review guidance documents, and prepare staff packages, to include AF/SG Task Management Tool, in support of the Medical Support Division and the AF/SG’s anticipated or known position by the suspense date.
  • Review and be familiar with applicable AF instructions, publications, and policy letters related to patient safety and propose updates where appropriate, to reflect the latest in federal, DoD and AF/SG direction.
  • The Contractor shall make recommendations as requested.
  • Analyze, track, develop and coordinate information systems requirements and changes pertaining to AFMS patient administration.
  • Provide advice on the impact of, and make recommendations regarding, functional information systems requirements in patient administration.
  • Investigate, respond and follow-up on issues in the operations of current and future Military Health System (MHS) and AF information management systems that impact MTF Patient Administration to include inputs for Systems Change Requests and Systems Incidence Reports.
  • Provide detailed consultation to AFMS organizations on the data feeds and business rules used by current and future MHS patient administration systems that impact related AFMS business processes and performance measurement activities.
  • Provide functional expertise and support to the process of implementing changes to various information systems supporting but not limited to electronic health records,patient appointments, medical evaluation boards, medical records management, and assisting the AF/SG representative at technical contractor meetings.
  • The Contractor shall make recommendations throughout the process and conduct analytical research pertaining to the changes and impacts.
  • The Contractor shall perform analyses as required by the AF Chief of Patient Administration.
  • In coordination with the AF Chief of Patient Administration, document recommendations and findings to support system changes during the systems change process.
  • Ensure that the recommendations and analysis provided include an overall assessment of which desired business practice changes are being met by the systems changes.
  • Provide logistical planning and support for Air Staff sponsored Patient Administration seminars for learning and issue resolution.
  • Oversee both remote and on-site registration of seminar attendees.
  • Assist with the production and delivery of seminar announcements, registration materials and instruction manuals.
  • Develop, deliver and tabulate the results of seminar critiques within five (5) business days following the event.
  • Keep the Chief of Patient Administration informed on communications within organizations outside of AFMSA.
  • Attend Patient Administration functional meetings, conferences, and training as directed and provide the required trip report to the Chief of Patient Administration within five (5) business days of returning from the trip.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with counterparts in other organizations/military services. Coordinate with the appropriate agencies in the development of all above (e.g., DoD, DHA, AFMSA/SG3P, AFMOA,) in the execution of their duties for work accomplishment.
  • Provide follow-up as requested and self-motivation to complete projects while keeping the Chief of Patient Administration informed.
  • Provide information to the Chief of Patient Administration from meetings, conferences, and training, e.g. written reports/written summaries as needed.
  • Perform Patient Administration/Health Benefits administrative tasks, such as electronic file organization; management of AFMS Health Benefits awards program; maintain and post current policies and task tracking/historical supporting documents to shared drives and other electronic locations as requested by the COR.


  • Hospital Administration Specialist Functional Responsibility. Proficient and capable of instructing users in the use of the Composite Health Care System (CHCS) medical records management, TRACE2S, AHLTA, HAIMS and other Patient Administration modules and associated reports. Contractor must have superior knowledge in the use of Standard Appointment Types and Detail Codes, standard CHCS I reports (for example, record availability).
  • Significant familiarity with planned capabilities in the Enterprise Wide Scheduling and Registration System, AHLTA; and other DoD and service applications is desired.
  • The Contractor shall have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in business.


  • Additionally, the Contractor shall have a minimum of seven (7) years’ work experience in a related health field.
  • The Contractor shall also have a minimum of four (4) years relevant experience in Patient Administration program management of policies, information systems requirements and procedures at the Health Affairs, or DHA/Lead Agent, or Air Staff or MAJCOM level or Service equivalent; or possess a minimum of four (4) years MTF patient administration experience.
  • The Contractor shall have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to communicate clearly, both orally and in writing English.

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