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We are currently accepting qualified applications for a DENTAL ASSISTANT to support one of our Government Clients in TEXARKANA, TX.

Hours: Monday-Friday 8 hour shifts. Usually 7:00am-3:30pm with a 30 minute lunch

Job Description:

  • Assists Dental Officer in dental specialty sections: restorative, oral surgery, periodontics, prosthetics, and examinations.
  • Retrieve patient’s records and escorts patients to proper dental specialty section; seats and prepares patient for attending Dental Officer
  • Assists Dental Officer by preparing dental instruments, essential materials, drugs, and medications
  • Passes instruments, retracts tissues, irrigates oral cavity, and operates aspirator
  • Observes patient’s responses, and assists patient for dismissal from the Dental Clinic
  • Gives instructions for subsequent dental appointments
  • Makes necessary entries on dental treatment records (both electronic and paper records)
  • Prepares dental treatment room for the next patient
  • Assists in the treatment of emergency cases.
  • Provides dental health education
  • Dental prophylaxis
  • Dental screening examination
  • Preparation of patients for periodontal surgery
  • Dental and periodontal charting
  • Prepares places, and removes packs
  • Places temporary fillings
  • Places and removes rubber dams
  • Maintains dental equipment
  • Cleans, sharpens, and sterilizes instruments
  • Performs daily inspection of equipment and makes minor repairs
  • Reports defective equipment, or utilizes corrective action
  • Performs routine oral prophylaxis of the clinical crowns of teeth
  • Uses dental hand instruments, mechanical instruments (including ultrasonic), oral hygiene aides and prophylaxis paste to provide necessary oral prophylactic services
  • Prepares entries for patient’s records
  • Selects and applies medication in proper portion and anti-cariogenic agents to surface of teeth Applies medication prescribed by a Dental Officer to gingiva to promote healing
  • Fabricates and repairs dental prosthesis and appliances under supervision
  • Performs procedures pursuant to fabrication and repair of complete denture prosthesis and removable partial prosthesis
  • Uses acrylic resins and porcelain as basic materials
  • Takes radiographs of patients using standard and digital dental radiographic, panelipse, cephalometric, and transcranial equipment
  • Obtains diagnostic quality periapical, occlusal, lateral, jaw, TMJ, and panographic radiographs
  • Correctly positions patient and film
  • Determines level of radiation intensity to minimize radiation exposure of patients
  • Processes and saves digital radiographs to patient medical records
  • Performs quality assurances on radiographic and developing equipment and safelight
  • Maintains proper infection control procedures in radiographic techniques
  • Sterilizes contaminated biological waste of dental clinic
  • Places and finishes dental restorations, including bases and liners
  • Make primary impressions and pours casts
  • Selects tooth shade for composite restorations and dentures


  • The Dental Assistant shall possess specialty training from a licensed dentist and/or certification from an accredited Dental Assistant school. Training must include dental radiology and radiology safety.
  • The Dental Assistant shall be certified in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in accordance with the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association (BLS)
  • Have a minimum of two (2) years of experience providing Dental Assistant services.

Please contact Misty Kozekwa at 210-822-4005 for more information

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