Supply Technician

Aberdeen, MD

Job Summary

Supply Technician-Aberdeen, MD

About Us:

Fidelity Partners is a leading national healthcare, technology and logistics services company supporting both private and government sector clients. We are committed to the highest levels of professionalism and work ethic to cultivate long-term relationships.

We are currently accepting qualified applications for a Supply Technician to support one of our Government clients at Aberdeen, MD.

Work Description:

  • Prepares and maintains data (manual and automated) (DA Form 581, DA Form 4508, DA Form 4949, DA Form 1687, ARL Form 195-R, ARL Form 196-R, ARL Form 197-R) required for special reporting criteria in area relating to data processing of ammunition and explosives.
  • Responsible for all regulatory automated monthly sensitive inventories (Reference AR 710-2 and AR 735-5 items that have a security risk assigned by the Army (e.g., ammunition, explosives, weapons, bayonets, precious metals) that requires an inventory control record.
  • Monitors and analyzes Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS) to determine the accuracy of all accountability records.
  • Contacts representatives of commercial firms to obtain information regarding new items of supply based on Government requisitions.
  • Researches FEDLOG, Internet, and regulations for purification (federal stock number, manufacture code and part number, management control number) of cataloging within DPAS.
  • Provides inventory and property accountability using automated bar code scanner.
  • Initiates paperwork based on requests from customers and completes lateral transfers to other ARL sites and other agencies.
  • Creates reports referencing accountability of ammunition and explosives and property for reference and action by customers in accordance with DPAS regulations.
  • Writes item descriptions for a range of new items entering the supply channels in accordance with DPAS, AR708-1 Logistics Management Data and Cataloging of Supplies and Equipment, regulations.
  • Initiates various transactions to update various databases (e.g., DPAS, Turn-in database).
  • Collect necessary data to take or recommend action based on application or interpretation of guides.
  • Prepares accountable documents for regulatory inventories.
  • Identifies discrepancies (from completed inventories and supporting documentation) and reconciles inventory results with hand receipt holders.
  • Ensures all documentation is complete and accurate to maintain property accountability as required by AR 710-2.
  • Reviews and provides approval for excess documentation in accordance with ARL Turn-in database.
  • Examine equipment to verify cataloging data (e.g., nomenclature, manufacture, model, serial number) to ensure items are properly identified for formal property accountability.
  • Responsible for all file maintenance to include maintaining a file for each non-accountable document number assigned (by either the Government or Contractor) in accordance with DPAS regulations.
  • Posts transactions to databases including DPAS, Turn-In database, Logistics Database Folder.
  • Analyzes completed data provided, comprehends, and updates DPAS by entering utilization information provided from trip tickets to maintenance module within DPAS) with monthly trip ticket data.
  • Initiates maintenance work orders based on user requests, equipment manager direction, or maintenance schedule report for production and services equipment (PS&E).
  • Creates maintenance reports for using and maintaining Government-owned mobile and production equipment).
  • Establishes automated records by building skeleton records by entering pertinent mandatory provided data into DPAS, maintenance module for PS&E and mobile equipment.
  • Reports excess information by an automated system to Government POC.
  • Prepares supply forms (automated and manual).
  • Processes Federal Express (FedEx) shipping documents from customers.
  • Initiates daily FedEx manifest for budget requirements by separating the request for billing purposes for each directorate.
  • Initiates supporting documentation for requisitions.
  • Updates requisition system in reference to supporting documentation.
  • Provides status (e.g., receipts, due-ins) to customers (Government and Contractors) on work orders, excess equipment, and requisitions.
  • Researches and establishes catalog records in DPAS automated system.
  • Maintains established files according to Army filing system (e.g., AR 25-400-2 ARIMS).
  • Distributes documented receiving procedures and files purchase request records (e.g., documents generated by GFEBS, DPAS).
  • Operates computers (desktop PC) to complete tasks associated with DPAS.
  • Operates telephone (to include answering phone and taking messages).
  • Operates office machines to include but not limited to copy and facsimile machines.
  • Provides on-the-job training to other contractor personnel.

Education/Experience Requirement:

  • High school diploma.
  • Five years of progressively responsible experience within the supply system.
  • Knowledge of governing supply systems, programs, policies, work methods, and established guidelines.
  • Understanding the needs of the organization serviced.
  • Analytical ability to define or recognize the dimension of the problems involved to collect the necessary data, establish the facts, and make recommendations for action based upon application or interpretation of established guidelines.
  • Knowledge of software, hardware, and peripherals required to operate inventory accountability systems.
  • Ability to obtain ammunition certification via Government training.



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