Optician Helper

San Antonio, TX

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We are currently accepting qualified applications for an Optician Helper to temporarily fill a position at Fort Sam Houston, in San Antonio, TX. The position will need to be filled beginning October 1, 2017 to mid/end November and lasting 8-12 weeks.

Position Description and Responsibilities:

Contractor can be expected to produce monthly on average, approximately 35,486 pairs of glasses. During the course of varied assignments, contractor: Shall perform duties on a rotating basis in support of optical fabrication processes in all production phases of the Optical Fabrication Laboratory, where single vision and multi-focal eye-wear is fabricated on a production line basis. Must have a general understanding of optical fabrication processes and must know the general terms and nomenclature used in the fabrication of eye-wear to include lens type, lens powers, frame type, and other general optical specific products. Work is performed under the supervision of, and in partnership with, a properly trained optician, in accordance with established laboratory procedures, techniques of the trade and the specifications outlined on the prescription. Tasks shall include but are not limited to:

  • selecting ophthalmic lenses or lens blanks by lens material (poly-carbonate, high index, CR39 or other materials) required for the fabrication of lenses to exact prescription specifications,
  • selecting proper frame according to spectacle prescription and forwarding to the surfacing or fabrication sections,
  • manual lens fining and polishing,
  • lens de-blocking,
  • lens washing,
  • lens coating,
  • As directed, serves as backup, performing supply or clerical duties,
  • assisting in the conduct of physical inventories of supplies on hand,
  • upon receipt of items, comparing with requisitions, unpacking items and placing them in proper location,
  • preparing completed eye-wear for delivery to appropriate clinics, as well as packing and shipping of completed eyeglasses
  • Other assigned duties can include making blocks, washing blocks and reclaiming free-bond wax.

Must be capable of operating ophthalmic lens-manufacturing devices/equipment in both the surfacing and fabrication sections of the laboratory. Ophthalmic devices/equipment include Eclipse Turbo Freebond Surface Blocker, DTL100 and Lens Maker XRT Lens Generators, Acuity Plus Lens Surfacers, Lens Station Washers, Lens Coating Machines, Tinting Equipment, Humphrey Lens Analyzers, AIT Speede Lens Blockers, National Optonics 6E, 6ES and 7ES edging machines. EOE

Job Type: Full-time

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