Accounting Clerk III

Aberdeen, MD

Job Summary

Accounting Clerk III-Aberdeen, MD

About Us:

Fidelity Partners is a leading national healthcare, technology and logistics services company supporting both private and government sector clients. We are committed to the highest levels of professionalism and work ethic to cultivate long-term relationships.

We are currently accepting qualified applications for an Accounting Clerk III to support one of our Government clients at Aberdeen, MD.

Work Description:

  • Maintains (through data entry) journals or subsidiary ledgers of an electronic accounting system.
  • Balances and reconciles accounts. (e.g., ensure transactions are posted correctly; identify overruns, pull funding documents to determine what the correct numbers should be and make changes to the official accounting system as approved by the Government POC.)
  • Review invoices and statements (e.g., invoices from contractors) to ensure sufficient funds have been obligated. If questionable (e.g., invoice would be fine but sufficient funds not being available to pay the invoice in the appropriate account; the invoice exceeding the obligation amount; and/or recognizing the previous invoices have been $1.00, and suddenly the invoice is $500.00) Contractor shall gather data together, including GFEBS information, ARL PD or intra office databases/spreadsheets, previous bill history, and so forth and present to Government POC for action.
  • Analyzes and reconciles computer printouts from the accounting system, ARL PD, or intra office databases/spreadsheets) with operating unit reports (e.g., contacting units, researching causes of discrepancies, and taking action to ensure that accounts balance).
  • Detects and corrects erroneous postings (e.g., ensure transactions are posted correctly) into an electronic accounting system, upon approval of a Government POC.
  • Prepares documents to adjust accounting classifications (e.g., fund tool, ARL Form 133) and other data (e.g., incorrect document number or nomenclature, entered into accounting system.)
  • Determines reasons for data rejections (e.g., review reject list based upon the reason of the reject) and notifies Government POC of findings. Prepares and processes necessary correcting material based on Government approval.
  • Creates and maintains (through data entry) office database (e.g., ARL PD, intra office databases/spreadsheets)
  • Creates new work packages in execution and planning databases. (e.g., enter budget, planning and execution work unit information into the ARL PD or intra office databases/spreadsheets.)
  • Modifies exiting work packages (e.g., ARL PD, intra office databases/spreadsheets)to reflect changes in funding levels, fund transfers, reallocation of funds, changes to task descriptions, and changes in task deliverables. Divides incoming customer funds into designated customer funding categories.
  • Prepares fund transfers. (e.g., requests from Government personnel; documented processes for handling fee-for-service accounts; identifying erroneous entries and preparing transfers to correct, such as labor transfers, and so forth).
  • Ensures consistency between planning and execution of financial databases for purposes of periodic rollups.
  • Develops and maintains spreadsheet or other instrument to present summary of financial status showing expenditures, balances, and anticipated changes for each work packages.
  • Provides on-the-job training to other contractor personnel.

Education/Experience Requirement:

  • High school diploma.
  • One (1) year of specialized experience. (College-level course work in accounting can be substituted for specialized experience.)
  • Two (2) years of general office experience.
  • Basic knowledge of standardized bookkeeping and accounting procedures used in an accounting system.
  • One (1) year experience with creating/editing electronic spreadsheets.


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